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Sustainable Living

Astrum Homes are  committed to building sustainable, energy efficient homes, made for the future.

Buying a new home could save you over 3k on annual energy bills - "Watt a Save report - Home Builders Federation 2023"

Electric vehicle charging points

New petrol and diesel car sales will be banned from 2030. Installing these charging points assists our homeowners to make a smooth transition and will help to improve the health of our communities - having fewer diesel cars helps to reduce air pollution and increase the air quality.

Double Glazed windows

Our highly efficient argon-filled double glazed windows will help let the heat in, and keep the cold out. Features such as these will help reduce your energy bills. 

Highly efficient cavity insulation

We use the best thermally efficient insulation in our cavity walls. The heat reflective technology keeps the warmth inside, and will mean it costs less to heat your home.

Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps capture heat from the air. The system burns no fuel, and emits no carbon dioxide and are a great renewable alternative to traditional boilers.

Underfloor heating

All of our homes include water-based underfloor heating to the ground floor as standard. Your programmable thermostat will allow you to turn it on and off as needed, as well as changing the temperature, so you can keep costs, and energy use, down.

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