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After exchange of contracts

Construction work will continue on your home. Depending on the stage of construction, you can make your design choices to make your new home, a bit of you. We will give you updates on the progress of construction.


Home Preview

Once your home construction is complete you will be invited to preview your new home with an Astrum Homes representative. This is a perfect opportunity to show you all the benefits of your new home and you will have the opportunity to identify anything you think needs attention. These items will then be dealt with before your moving day.


Notice to complete

Our solicitors will serve a notice to complete on your solicitors which will confirm the date you must legally complete by. You must make sure all funds are available.


Handover & completion

Once funds are received by our solicitor, it's time to move in! An Astrum Homes representative will meet you to complete your handover appointment. You can start to unpack and enjoy your new home...


After sales

We will provide you with our home guide to give you lots of information about your new home. Around 4 weeks after completion, we will organise your decorator for a day appointment to see to any decoration issues. 


Between exchange and completion

Once exchange of contracts has taken place you will be legally bound to purchase the property.

What happens next?

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